We are here to answer your general questions.


  1. How Do I Create An Account With WWWPromoter?

    You can create an account here at http://wwwpromoter.com/advertisers/signup. Once you have done that, you can log in to the platform to start creating campaigns, advertisements and deposit funds.

  2. What Is A Dashboard?

    Your dashboard is your initial page upon login. Your Dashboard allows you to have an overview of all your information from Balance, Today’s Spend, Yesterday’s Spend, Total Spend, Total Payments, Last Payment, Impressions for the day.

  3. How Do I Create A Campaign?

    On your dashboard along the top there is a campaigns tab, click that and you can add a new campaign here. Alternatively on your dashboard, to the right of the dashboard under the “account overview” you will see a “NEW” dropdown button, click that and then click “Campaign”.
    *You will need to create a campaign before you create an Advert*

  4. What is a Daily Impression Cap at Campaign level?

    This is a feature to be used only if you want to set impressions cap for the entire campaign. When the campaign reaches the impression cap, the campaign will pause. You also have the ability to set impressions cap per advert, which is most commonly used. The purpose of this is feature is if for example, you have 10 adverts in a campaign, and you want in total 1,000,000 impressions regardless of which advert servers more impressions or not, then you would set 1,000,000 as the cap for the campaign. However if you want each advert to serve evenly 100,000 impressions each (10 adverts, that adds up to 1,000,000) then instead you would not set an impressions cap at the campaign level but set up impressions cap per advert.

  5. How Do I Create An Advert?

    You must have created a campaign first before you can create adverts. Adverts are nested inside of campaigns. On your dashboard along the top click Campaigns, then click into a campaign, and from there you can create adverts. Alternatively you can also create new adverts from your dashboard, to the right of the dashboard under the “account overview”, you will see a “NEW” dropdown button, click that and then click “Advert”.

  6. How Do I Clone My Ad?

    You have the option of cloning both your Campaign and Advert. By cloning, this will save you time by creating an advertisement with the exact same settings / targeting options. You do have the ability to also replace the creative or the tags, in the event you want to clone to keep the same targeting settings but want to apply it for a new advert creative.

    Ex: this is good for times that you want to split test between a “PopUp” and “PopUnder”. In that case if you already have a popup campaigns live and want to set up the exact same campaign but test the popunder, then you simply clone it but changing the “Ad Type”.

  7. What Targeting Options Do You Allow?

    Time Targeting
    Carrier Targeting
    Operating System
    Desktop or Mobile

  8. How Do I Find Country Specific Carriers?

    You can use Google or other search engines to find all the carriers that are in a specific country to find the complete list.

  9. Cannot Find The Carrier You Are Looking For?

    Try Google or other search engines and see if that carrier has alternative names, such the below are all the same companies, but we do not have Telcel listed in our platform.

    America Movil

  10. What Channel Categories Do You Have?

    run-of-network - Cannot accept any nudity, sexually suggestive, 18+ content/creative, download (flash/java update) ads.

    adult - Adult websites, accepts both adult and mainstream ads.

    software - Accepts everything.

  11. What Countries Do You Have Traffic In?

    We have traffic in over 196 countries.

  12. Which Countries Have The Most Volume?

    We cannot provide an accurate amount as volume / traffic is always fluctuating. If your bid is competitive enough volume is not an issue.

  13. What Are Your Macros?

    Please see below list of our macros, you will also see all these macros listed in the advert creation page

    %subid%: Sub ID (including any partner Sub IDs)
    %publisherid%: Publisher ID
    %creativeid%: The ID belonging to this advertisement
    %campaignid%: The ID belonging to this campaign
    %advertiserid%: The ID belonging to this advertiser
    %countrycode%: The country code of the user as determined by our systems
    %browser%: The browser the user is using as determined by our systems
    %devicetype%: The device type of the user as determined by our systems
    %opsys%: The operating system of the user as determined by our systems
    %campaign_rate_cpm%: The effective CPM for the campaign
    %campaign_rate_cpv%: The effective CPV for the particular impression
    %random%: A random number (useful for sites which require cache busting)
    %timestamp%: A UNIX timestamp (seconds since January 1, 1970)
    %asn%: The ISP's ASN number (useful for targeting by ISP)
    %ipaddress%: The IP address of the user
    %useragent%: The raw user-agent string of the user

  14. What Ad Units Are Available?


  15. What Is Impression Capping

    Daily Impression Cap: This feature stops delivery on an “Advert” once the cap is met and restarts on the next day (as the cap resets daily).

  16. What Does Delivery Method “Speedy” or “Smooth” mean?

    This is the algorithm on how to deliver your impressions to your adverts, please see below explanation;

    Speedy – Deliver as fast as possible
    Smooth – Evenly delivers the impressions throughout the day, must have a daily impressions cap of 100,000 or higher.

  17. What Is Frequency Capping?

    This feature is to cap the amount of times the user will see your advert within a time period. The most common used is 1/24 which means a user will only see your advert once per 24 hours basis.

  18. What is SUBIDs and how do I use it?

    SUBIDs is what allows you to optimize your campaigns, each SUBID represents a website that is part of our network where your advert is shown. You can pull reports on our platform to determine which SUBID is bringing you conversions, and which ones are not. From there you have ability to whitelist or blacklist SUBIDs which allows you to maximize your spending on the placements that is performing for you.

  19. How can I track conversions?

    You can use either image pixel or S2S (server-to-server pixel) to track conversions.

  20. Do you have instructions to implement the pixel?
  21. Can I block domains so my ads do not show on them?

    Yes in the advert properties page you have the ability to add domains to block, so your adverts do not show up on these domains.

  22. What Payments Do you Accept?

    We accept PayPal or Wire transfer.

  23. What is the Minimum Deposit?

    $500 USD.

  24. Do You Have A Refund Policy?

    We offer refunds up to 180 days from the date of deposit. If you would like to request a refund please request one from our platform. It will be issued within 2 business days back to your original form of payment.

  25. What Is The Approval Process for Payments?

    When you make a payment on our platform they are approved within 24 hours (usually much quicker). For Wire Transfers as there is more delay for us to receive the funds, the moment we confirm the funds on our end it will be added to your balance in your account.

  26. What Is The Approval Process for Adverts?

    Adverts are approved or denied within 24 hours, usually much quicker than that. As long as they abide by our guidelines, they will be approved.

  27. Reason For Advertisement Denied?

    The reason for an advertisement denied to run on our network can be of various reasons. We also look at your targeting settings, bid rates, to ensure it looks right, as we do not want you to waste your funds because you inputted the wrong settings! When your advert is denied you will get the reason for it, but some of the common reasons are

  28. How Do I Update My Account Information (change password)?

    When you login to the platform at the top right there is a tab called “Account” click that and this will allow you to update your information.

  29. Why Is My Advert Not Getting Any Impressions?

    Please check the following things of the advert in the platform, as they are reasons why adverts do not receive impressions;

    • Make sure “active” is checked on the advert settings
    • Check the targeting criteria’s (time-targeting)
    • Your account has insufficient balance
    • Start date might be set for a future date
    • Bid rate is too low

    If none of these apply, please send us a message through support so we can look into it for you.

  30. How Do I Check My Payment History?

    In your login along the top there is a tab called “Billing” click here, and you will see your history of payments along with ability to top up the balance.

  31. How Do I Pull Invoices Off Of The Platform?

    In your login along the top there is a tab called “Billing” click here, and you will be able to pull invoices from here.

  32. What Is Your Minimum CPM Bid?

    The minimum bid depends on if it is banner or full page advert, and the country you are targeting. You can see the minimum bids on the advert creation page.

  33. What Is The Average Bid?

    The average bid fluctuates frequently so there is no clear answer we can provide here. If you like the inventory, you should raise the bid to get more traffic and better rotation which can yield higher results.

  34. Are Your Rates Expensive?

    We are a traffic platform that works on a bidding model. You are competing against other buyers, thus the rates is all determined based by other advertisers. If they are bidding high, you need to compete with the buyers to get the traffic, if they bid low then your bids can be lower.

  35. How Can I Get More Traffic?

    If you are not receiving the amount of traffic that you want, try increasing your CPM rate, as your bid rate might be too low and thus other buyers are bidding higher and winning the traffic.

  36. How Come Your Traffic Is Not Converting?

    There is many variables why traffic may not convert. We have a proprietary platform with internal auditing that blocks out fraudulent traffic, and we advise our buyers to use 3rd party auditing companies to help determine if traffic is legitimate. As long as traffic is legitimate than we cannot blame traffic source or platform for no conversions. Below are common reasons why you are not seeing conversions:

    • Your advert page has errors and thus users are not able to complete
    • Increase bid rate, as other buyers might be running similar advert and getting the user to see their advert first, thus conversion goes to them instead of you
    • Utilize our reporting system to help determine sources that are working and optimize to get the best results.
  37. What Type Of Reporting Do You Offer?

    Our robust reporting system allows you to pull high level to very detailed reports easily. The reporting is also real-time.

  38. Do You Offer Integration Partnership?

    Yes we do, either OpenRTB or XML.

  39. Where Are You Located?

    Our head office is in Toronto, Canada.

  1. How Do I Create An Account With WWWPromoter?

    You can create an account here at http://wwwpromoter.com/publishers/signup. Once you have done that, you can log in to the platform to start creating channels and submitting them for approval.

  2. Why Are My Tags Not Working?

    Please see the below reasons on why the ad tags might not be working;

    • Make sure our tags are directly implemented on the website URL that was approved as it will not work on non approved URLs
    • Make sure no modifications were made to the ad tags as it will cause it to not work properly
    • Make sure you are testing the tags without a proxy or VPN as we block our ads being viewed from such
  3. What Are your Rates?

    The rates are dependent on factors such as: country, users performance, unique users, ad placements, website content quality.

  4. How Much Do I Earn Off My Ads?

    You are paid on a CPM cost metric, which means cost per thousand impressions. As an example if the rate is $1.00/CPM, you will earn $1 for every 1000 impressions.

  5. What Are Your Payment Terms?

    We offer withdrawal as often as you like at your convenience. You can login to our platform, and request withdrawal there, as often as once a day if you wish. We do hold the last 7 days of earnings, to ensure there is no issues with the impressions generated from the ad tags.

  6. What Are Your Payment Methods?

    Our payment methods are PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer.

  7. How Are Impressions Counted?

    Every time an ad loads, it will be counted as 1 impression. So if your page has 3 of our ad tags implemented, when that page loads, and all 3 ads load up, it will count as 3 impressions.

  8. What Countries Do You Have Ads For?

    We have advertisements live in over 196 countries. We are a global ad network monetizing global traffic. If you see a country where we have no ads showing in, you should setup a pass-back tag to pass the traffic to another ad network you work with, to be able to monetize and maximize your earnings.

  9. What Ad Units Do You Have Ads For?

    We offer the following ad units:

    • 300x250
    • 728x90
    • 160x600
    • 320x50 (mobile only)
    • Full Page Pop ads
  10. What is The Maximum Amount Of Ads I can Implement Per Page?

    We allow you to implement up to a maximum of 5 banner ads per page, and one full page pop tag per page. The ads will perform and earn you the most when they are placed strategically and not cluttered together.

  11. Can I Use Your Full Page Pops with Other Ad Network Pops?

    Yes, you are more than welcome too, but please keep in mind that our pop code performs and earns you the absolute most when it is only our tag implemented, as other network pop tags has interfered with our pop tag, causing lower performance and lower revenues.

  12. How Come My Website Was Not Approved?

    Below are reasons why your website might not have been approved:

    • Not right fit for our advertisers
    • Low content quality
    • Errors while browsing website
    • Site is not online
    • Site does not belong to you
    • Resubmitting an already approved site

    You are more than welcome to reach out to us and inquire more.

  13. What Kinds Of Ads Do WWWPromoter Serve?

    All of our ads abide by IAB guidelines and will never get your site flagged, redirected or contain malware. We serve mainstream ads to sites that does not contain adult content but we also serve adult ads to adult content websites.

  14. Can I Use WWWPromoter Codes Together With Other Companies?

    Yes, you can but please ensure you are not breaching either or company’s Terms and Conditions if doing so.

  15. Does WWWPromoter Accept Adult Sites?

    Yes, WWWPromoter accepts adult sites as long as the content is legal. Therefore no child pornography and bestiality!

  16. How Come My Rates Fluctuate?

    Yes, WWWPromoter accepts adult sites as long as the content is legal. Therefore no child pornography and bestiality!

  17. How Come My Rates Fluctuate?

    Advertisers are always testing new sources or setting up new campaigns, and because of this there is always new advertisements targeted to your website, so your rates will fluctuate. If the performance does not work out for the advertiser they will block your site, and this will also affect your revenue. Publishers that run with us for longer durations will yield the best performance as it allows all advertisers to test their inventory.

  18. How Do I Increase My Rates Or Revenue?

    The advertisers are the ones to affect your rates you earn with us, the better the performance the better the rates. Placing our ads in the best spots of your website will earn you the best rates.If you place banners on the bottom of the page, or hidden somewhere not as visible, then performance is significantly impacted. Placement is key for advertisers!

  19. What Is A Passback?

    A passback is set up through our platform in the chance that we do not have ads for your impressions we can send the impressions to another ad tag from another network that you are working with, so you are monetizing every impression you have, maximizing your earnings.

  20. What Is A Floor Rate?

    A floor rate is set up through our platform for when you do not want to sell your ads for under a certain price, so for example if you set the floor rate at $0.50/CPM we will only take the impressions if we have ads that pay you $0.50/CPM or more. It is recommended that you set a passback tag from another network to take all the impressions that we are not buying for more than $0.50CPM otherwise the impression will be defaulted.

  21. Can I Setup Passback Tags And Floors Rates?

    Yes your login in our platform allows you to setup passback tags and floor rates. You also have the ability to setup as many as you want, essentially creating your own waterfall setup if you wish!

  22. Where Do I Get My Ad Tags From?

    Once you signed up for an account, log into the platform, and click into the channel you want to generate tags for. From there select Tag Generator and generate the tags for the ad unit that you want. Please remember that if your channel is not approved yet, you will not see any paid advertisements, and will not be earning any revenue, so before you implement please ensure you are approved, or your impressions will go to waste.

  23. How Come My Stats Differ from WWWPromoter Platform Stats?

    Every platform tracks differently, but the stats should be very similar with a low discrepancy %.

  24. What Time Zone Is Our Platform Tracking In?

    Our platform tracks in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

  25. Where Can I View My Stats?

    In your login to our platform, you can use our reporting system which allows you to pull the following reports:

    • Browser
    • Country
    • Channel
    • Dimension
    • Summary
  26. How Do I Update My Payment Method?

    Please submit a support ticket and once we verify you are the publisher, we can update the payment details.

  27. What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

    The minimum withdrawal for PayPal is $10, Payoneer is $50 and Wire is $100.

  28. How Long Does It Take To Process Payments?

    Payments are processed within 2 business days. We recommend withdrawing on Monday’s or Tuesday’s to ensure you get your payment within the week.

  29. Do you offer integration partnership?

    Yes, OpenRTB and XML, but will need to be reviewed before accepted as a integration partner.